The Brad Mills Farewell Tour

by Andy

If the Red Sox fired Bobby Valentine, would they consider bringing Brad Mills back?

Yes. Yes, they would.

…the city of Boston loves Brad Mills and Chowderheads love Brad Mills, too. However, the higher ups in the Red Sox organization might not be too keen on bringing him back. But, then again, they’re the ones who hired Bobby Valentine and they’re the ones who signed underperforming free agents to ridiculous contracts… so, maybe they’d be wise to ignore their irresponsible gut feelings.

Why on Earth would they want to hire Brad Mills?

Simple. He’s a good manager.

A few weeks ago, I spoke with someone who has followed the Red Sox his whole life and he had absolutely nothing bad to say about Brad Mills. “But, what about his managerial record?” I asked.

He laughed.

He has a point. Mills hadn’t had much to work with. We could dig up Casey Stengel and pull Tony LaRussa out of the backseat of a YellowCab and the 2012 Astros would be just as bad. The manager isn’t the reason why the Astros suck – the Astros are the reason the Astros suck. You can’t expect to poop in a bucket and ask Brad Mills to bake you a cake.

Managers tend to become a lot smarter when they have talent to work with.

Mills is a teacher. Mills is perfect for a young club because he’s patient. He’s not going to publicly stomp his feet all over Jordan Schafer’s ass because Schafer missed the cutoff man. He’s not going to scream at JD Martinez for swinging at a pitch over his head. Brad Mills is a coach and he’s teaching these kids how to play baseball.

There are a few guys on this club who belong in AAA – and you could make the argument that there are a couple that might belong in AA. You can’t have Scott Moore as your cleanup hitter and expect Brad Mills to “make it work.”

I’m not sure how he’s supposed to “make it work.” I had a brief discussion with Jeff Luhnow about how much heat Brad Mills takes. I brought up that Mills always seems vindicated after taking heat from bloggers about the lineup. “It’s like clock work,” I said.

“I know. But, taking heat comes with the territory,” Luhnow said. And, he’s right – Brad Mills isn’t stupid and he knew what he was getting himself into. He knew there’d be pressure and he knew that building a competitive MLB team was going to be years in the making. He knew taking the job was an uphill battle. He was well aware that he was the second choice and he knew that Manny Acta took the job in Cleveland because – and, this hurts to say – Cleveland was a better job.

Yes, Cleveland.

So, if this is a no-win situation for Mills and he was doomed from the start, why would he even take the job? Wait, who said this is a no-win situation? Brad Mills is getting something out of this – managerial experience. Brad Mills can collect managerial experience that he can parlay into a better job – like Boston.

Yes, Boston.

I believe Mills is a goner.

Jeff Luhnow has already laid the foundation by setting unrealistic expectations for Mills. This is a team that went 3-23 in July, easily their worst month in franchise history and Luhnow told the media that he thinks the club can go .500 to finish out the year. Since then, they haven’t won a game and failing to live up these standards might not bode well for Mills’ future in Clutch City.

…hell, or they will go .500 and surprise a lot of people! Who knows?

One of two things will happen – Mills will be fired by the Astros or Valentine will be fired by the Red Sox and Mills will interview for the job.

…and I’ll bet you that he’ll get it.

Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants? Brad Mills leaving Houston for a better job.  


This entry’s Babe of the Blog is no other than Brad Mills. Yes, we might be seeing the last of him, but let’s soak in the beauty that was caught on camera during his most recent photo shoot in the South American jungle.



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