These Guys Suck?

by Stephen

These Guys Suck, Trade Them All, What is THAT in LF? Look Astros fans I’m not going to sugar coat things……it’s been a very rough patch for the die-hard fans. Let’s take a giant step back and assess some things though shall we?

First off, “These guys suck!” Look, I get as depressed as most of you before Astros games when Fox puts that “Tonight’s lineup screen” up and nobody out of the 9 has an average that could even measure up to Jason Kidd’s blood alcohol percentage, but we haven’t even hit the trade deadline yet. I have discussed with a few fans who are understandably perplexed why guys like Wallace and Paredes continue to tear up AAA pitching while guys like Schafer and Downs continue to help tear up Astros fans’ toilets, but I truly think you are going to see a lot of changes by August 1. At least I’m reserving my judgment until then. Most of us didn’t want to see Lyon, Happ, or Myers coming out of the bullpen this season, but it was the chance they were given to show improved play that allowed Luhnow to trade them for more than peanuts and crackerjacks. Perhaps Luhnow and co. are waiting to see if they can flip a few more lost causes for some hope and change? I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now MOST knowledgeable Astros fans have been relatively pleased with the recent house cleaning, but I am increasingly seeing “Trade ‘em all! Altuve and Harrell will never be more valuable!” Let’s slow down a bit shall we? I have already stated that I think Luhnow is much smarter than me, but even I know the general idea is to get young talent back for guys who won’t be here when we are competitive again, right? So why trade guys who are young, talented, AND already getting big league experience? Plus, how can you not respect the way Altuve and Harrell go out there and compete every night despite the fact that most of us can’t even WATCH these games past the 4th inning? Believe me…..Luhnow isn’t just going to run 40 20yr olds out there in 2013. The Astros will get some veterans, and hopefully have a few 2012 success stories to mix in with their continued youth movement, and I for one hope the young guys who have made this season tolerable will get to be here when the upswing occurs. I don’t pretend to know much about ML prospects. Something about 2 kids, a job, and actual interests keeps me from updating my 100 best MLB prospects big board hanging above my couch, but it seems like “smart” baseball guys all seem to be on board with Luhnow’s plan. Some “fans” wonder aloud after every trade why we didn’t get Jonny “(insert team name)’s greatest prospect of all-time” Baseball for the likes of Happ, Wandy, and Lyon, but I’m guessing that most, like me, only know those Jonny Baseball’s names from reading gossip they read earlier THAT DAY. Sometimes I think a few of you would like to trade Carlos Correa (He’ll NEVER be the #1 pick again!) for the first sexy name that Buster Olney tweets out. Let’s all slow down, enjoy that the Astros FINALLY have a plan, and begin appreciating the prospects we have that are tearing it up from A all the way to the big league club.

This short treatise isn’t all fruit baskets for the Astros though. I do have one ENORMOUS bone to pick with ownership. What. The. Hell. Is that thing in LF? Astro optimists, pessimists, and realists alike can all agree that THAT is the most offensive thing the ball club has done this season. I know I am writing for a blog that is run by Mr. Luhnow’s bff, and I myself have praised Crane, Luhnow, and co. for a job well done so far……but that craptastic money grab is offensive. You bought the club and reserve the right to make some extra money, but why put a gigantic yearbook sponsor page in front of the most beautiful part of our stadium? I’d rather see that plump, poor man’s Captain Kangaroo driving Thomas the train across left field than be accosted by that monument to commercialism. The best view at MMP is without question the view of Houston’s downtown skyline behind the train station. Even as quirky as Friday night fireworks are, they’re worth staying for to soak in that view of the city we all love (especially after an Astros win).

So I’m ending this rant by saying that I love the direction this team is headed in and can’t wait for all the praise the club will receive in the next few years when we start making the other AL west teams wish the Astros had stayed in the NL…….and Mr. Crane……..”Tear down that (advertising) wall”


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